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The Ann Arbor (MI) News


Our Warm The Children  program has been a tremendous way to help needy kids and involve more than a 1,000 readers every year who volunteer or open their wallets for donations.  We raised more than $1 million in our first nine years, and the program grows every Christmas season. Warm clothing is the only Christmas gift that a lot of the kids get, and that triggers wonderful feelings in the kids and in our volunteers.
Ed Petykiewicz, Editor
The Ann Arbor News
(800) 466-6989


The Post-Star, Glens Falls NY

“The community reception to Warm The Children is overwhelming, and the good will for the newspaper is very worthwhile. Warm The Children heats up your community relationship. All the money goes to meet kids needs – which makes it so rewarding. Warm The children works for everyone involved. There is not a better feel good project than Warm The Children. Everyone is a winner.”

James G. Marshall, Editor and Publisher
The Post-Star
Glens Falls, New York

(518) 792-3131


The Journal, Martinsburg WV

Five hundred-fifty area children!
That's how many youngsters received hats, coats, scarves, gloves, boots, jeans and pajamas, courtesy of The Journal during the 2006 holiday season. Called Warm The Children (WTC), the program helps provide needy children in local communities with clothing during the cold winter months. Getting names from local social services agencies, the newspaper relies on the good work of the Salvation Army and Department of Human Services to act as screening agents.
This year (2006-07) at The Journal, the program marked its 11th year. And this year marks one of the program's most successful campaigns ever: We raised $52,000. Over the past decade, more than $350,000 has been raised, and all of that has been spent locally on local needy children.
Almost better than the money raised, The Journal had more employee participation than ever before this season - more than 50 (out of 180) employees from all departments helped record donations, organized shopping trips, wrote thank you letters to volunteers. The program is administered almost exclusively from the efforts of the newspaper's employees.
Every cent that readers donate goes toward the purchase of clothing for children; there are no administrative costs. Not many non-profits can say that. Additionally, over the course of a decade, some of those helped by the program when it was beginning have come back to volunteer. That’s how much they believe in it. That is a wonderful testament to success.
Warm The Children may be the best thing The Journal does. It shows the paper is committed not only to providing the most comprehensive local news coverage to the community, but it also shows how willing the paper is to go above and beyond that to actually recognize the needs and try to fill them  in the community.
Those who volunteer, those who receive clothing, those merchants who take part all find Warm The Children tremendously rewarding. Obviously, from the level of support WTC receives, the community finds it rewarding and worthwhile as well.

Maria Lorensen, Editor
The Journal
Martinsburg, WV
(304) 263-8931

The Republican, Oakland MD

Warm the Children was brought to our attention about 10 years ago by Mack Stewart, a retired newspaper publisher who had the drive to help folks in need. He explained the simple program, in which we just ask our readers to send in money, and then we spend it -- every cent of it -- on kids who need warm clothes and footwear to brave our cold and snowy winters here in the mountainous Garrett County, Maryland.
It's such a perfect set-up, because donors know that every penny goes to the kids. Volunteers who shop with the families have story after story of how good it feels to help out friends in need, and our recipients, desperate to clothe their kids, tell us that there must be angels in this world after all. The whole program is discreet for all involved, and it is nearly foolproof as far as the very few who might be tempted to take advantage of it. The best part is seeing a
little kid, thrilled to hug a new coat to herself, beaming up at us; or a teen, who shyly picks out some warm PJs or sweaters, and at last surprise us with a smile, despite being 15. It's a good thing to help one another in
this harsh world. Warm the Children lets us do that.
Mary McEwen

The Republican
Oakland, MD
(301) 334-3963

    Old Saybrook (CT) Pictorial Gazette

The Pictorial Gazette Warm The Children Program was first offered to valley-shore residents in 1993 and has been repeated every year since.  Within our seven-town circulation, the Pictorial Gazette program has helped hundreds of families in need purchase essential warm winter clothing for their children.  Critical to the success of the program is the generosity of volunteer shoppers, who donate their time to accompany families on shopping trips, the financial contributions of our readers, the participation of our local Wal-Mart Store, and the time volunteered by two members of the newspaper's staff to administer the program.

Warm The Children is truly a community effort, enthusiastically endorsed by our community newspaper, to assist our neighbors in need.

Joyce Mletschnig
The Pictorial Gazette
Old Saybrook, Connecticut
203) 458-5682

E Mail: jmletschnig@ctcentral.com
Web site:



The Leader-Telegram, Eau Claire WI

The Leader-Telegram (30,000 daily, 40,000 Sun. circulation) has been an active participant in the Warm the Children program since 1994. In that time we have been fortunate to have raised and spent more than $460,000, serving 4600 children in our communities.

The Leader-Telegram Warm the Children program quickly became recognized as a charity fund that makes a significant impact on the Chippewa Valley.
Area agencies have embraced the program and regularly include it when arranging help for their clients.  
We have had nothing but positive response from our partner stores and have even gotten requests to join the program. 
 We quickly outgrew the ability to shop using only volunteers from the newspaper staff and now have a corps of volunteer shoppers around the community who look forward to the chance to help.  
Donations from readers continue to remain strong and growing each year. The guarantee of 100% usage with no administrative fees is the real selling point there.  All of which enhances our "corporate citizen" community image.
The Leader-Telegram is proud to work with Mack Stewart and the Warm the Children program.

Mike Carlson
800-236-8808, ext. 3885
E Mail:
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Web Site: www.leadertelegram.com 


The Citizen-Patriot, Jackson MI

Warm the Children
has been a great program for us. The community embraced it right from the start, and has been extremely generous in donating money to provide warm clothing for needy children.
Also, Warm the Children has been a good way to emphasize to the community that the newspaper is involved and caring. There are a lot of "warm fuzzies" associated with operating this program. Warm the Children Inc. was very helpful in providing a "turn-key" operation so that we weren't re-inventing the wheel when we started.
It was very helpful to see the way others had done it, and to learn from the newspapers that went before us.

Sandra Petykiewicz, Publisher
The Citizen Patriot

Jackson, Michigan
E Mail:
Web Site: www.citpat.com


The Kentucky New-Era, Hopkinsville KY


"Demonstrating the true Spirit of Christmas" is how many have
described our Warm the Children program over the years.  Hundreds of needy children in our community have benefited from one of the most worthwhile projects we have ever undertaken. From project coordinators here at the newspaper, to our fleet of newspaper carriers who pick up donations from our subscribers, to the local Salvation Army who identifies needy children in our area, to the Hopkinsville Kiwanis Club members who volunteer as shoppers.  We are all gratified to be part of such a worthy project, as are those whose contributions make the project possible.  Thanks Mack for your ongoing support.

Nancy A. Reece
Kentucky New Era, Inc.
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
E Mail:
Web site: www.kentuckynewera.com



Monroe County Beacon, Woodsfield OH


Warm the Children allows needy children in the Switzerland of Ohio School District, who would otherwise be clad in less than cozy clothing, to dress in nice, warm winter wear. They can jump up on cold mornings and don insulated underwear, heavy socks,
shirts and boots. They can pull on warm winter coats ... and new attitudes. They can be happy about going off to school dressed in the comfort afforded most other students.
At the same time:
The Beacon is recognized as filling a void in the community.
Avoid that has for too long seen children fall between the cracks of want' and 'welfare.' The family income is too low, and at the same time, too high to be eligible for help through a government agency.
Volunteer shoppers return to the program each year. They love the happy faces and gratitude shown by the children.
Beacon readers are behind the program and show their support by reaching into hip pockets and checkbooks to donate to Warm the Children.
The Beacon's Warm the Children co-coordinators appreciate the support given by Mack Stewart, the author of Warm the children.
When we have a question, we call Mack. There are rules to follow, not many, but none the less, rules. When we're puzzled ... we call Mack to put the pieces together.

Arlean Selvy,
Monroe County Beacon
Woodsfield, Ohio

E Mail: beacon43793@1st.net
Web site:  www.monroecountybeacon.net


West Seneca (NY) Bee

Warm the Children offers the citizens of West Seneca, a community outside of Buffalo, NY, an opportunity to provide clothing
for needy children in and through their own community.  Unlike
many charities, the organizers live or work in town, volunteer
shoppers patronize local businesses and recipients benefit from their neighbors’ largesse.
The campaign has given our community newspaper a chance to help those less fortunate and to publish the positive news in the community.  It gives us all a "warm" feeling to help!

Beth Hutchinson, Editor
Trey Measer, Publisher
West Seneca Bee

E Mail: Read@BeeNews.com
Web Site: www.BeeNews.com

Dearborn (IN) County Register

There is no question that Warm The Children provides a necessary service to Dearborn County in Southeastern Indiana. This is a community of contrasts. There is much municipal wealth created from our riverboat casinos, but many families here remain below the poverty line. Job opportunities in our county our slim outside of the casino industry, and many people employed by the boat are professionals, who have specific gaming skills. We raise about $60,000 a year to clothe 600 kids who need our help. The program is among the most well accepted in the county. Folks here know that our mission is simple, honest and direct. It is one way that we give back to the community.
Joe Awad.

Publisher, The Dearborn County Register
Lawrenceburg, IN

(812) 537-0063


The Parsons (WV) Advocate


When Kelly and I took over The Parsons Advocate three years ago, former owners George and Mariwyn Smith had one request: please continue the Warm the Children program. We knew little about it at the time, but we've quickly come to understand just how valuable it is in our community and how easy it is to operate thanks to the administrative help from Mack Stewart. The generosity of donors and appreciation of recipients is a blessing each holiday season.

Chris Stadelman, Publisher
The Parsons Advocate
West Virginia
(304) 478-3533


Middletown (CT) Press & The Herald, New Britain CT

As Publisher of The Herald (New Britain CT) and The Middletown (CT) Press, I am involved with two Warm The Children programs. The Herald’s is one that I helped start with two wonderful local volunteers  2 1/2 years ago. Through the generosity of our readers and community volunteers who have served as volunteer shoppers, we have clothed almost 1,500 children with warm winter clothing during the past three holiday seasons. Warm The Children's national founder and organizer, Mack Stewart, has provided tremendous support in educating us about the program and its procedures. I can honestly say this effort has made a difference in my life because I see the good it does in a poverty-stricken community.
The second program in Middletown is what introduced me to Warm The Children. Sponsored jointly by The Middletown Press and the local Kiwanis Club (of which I am a member), and much more established than the New Britain program, we’ve consistently generated substantial funding and recruited volunteer shoppers from our Kiwanis Club, as well as throughout the community – including a sizeable number of shoppers from the local Rotary Club. Over the past thirteen years, The Middletown Press/Kiwanis Club
Warm The Children program has raised and spent $310 thousand +, and served four thousand children.
Based on my experience, I truly believe that every town needs a Warm The Children program.

Marc B. Romanow, Publisher
The Herald
The Middletown Press


The Leader-Herald,
Gloversville NY

Warm the Children has been an asset to our community and this newspaper in many ways. The most obvious and most important, of course, is providing warm winter clothing for so many underprivileged children.
Along with that, the volunteer shoppers all feel a sense of connectivity with  their community and a real joy at knowing they have, at the very least, helped clothe a neighborhood child for the winter, and could, quite possibly have positively impacted the life of a child forever.
Thank you for this opportunity.

Doug Hill, Advertising Director
The Leader-Herald
Gloversville, NY 12078

E Mail: adman@leaderherald.com
Web site:

“Warm The Children is a newspaper’s perfect community relations program.”

Charles See, Editor
The Hampshire Review

Romney, West Virginia

“The most fulfilling community program we have ever attempted.”

Robert C. Carter, President & Publisher
The Kentucky New Era
Hopkinsville, Kentucky


“Any newspaper not using the Warm The Children program is missing a golden opportunity to help their community, their readers, and themselves.”

Paul E. London, Publisher & General Manager
West Central Tribune
Willmar, Minnesota


“There are lots ways to help needy people, and lots of people who need the help. Warm The Children is the perfect program for a newspaper – and for kids in its community.”

Chris Braithwaite, Editor
The Chronicle
Barton, Vermont


“Warm The Children really helps our newspaper maintain a caring and trusting relationship with our readers. With the program our readers know and trust that 100% of their donation is being used properly.”

Charles Graaskamp, Publisher
Eau Claire, Wisconsin


“Warm The Children gives a newspaper the chance to make its community a little better place in which to live.”

Judy Layman
Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Keyser, West Virginia


Warm The Children
166 Skunk Misery Road
Higganum, CT 06441
E-mail: mack@warmthechildren.org

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